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Name Position Email Phone
 Mrs. Kelly Castillo
 Principal 434-5255
 Mrs. Jennifer Hladun
 Assistant Principal 434-5255

Administrative Staff

Name Position Email Phone
Mrs. Katrina Moddelmog
  Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Rita Mendoza
  Attendance Clerk
Mrs. Julie Ulrich


Name Position Email
Ms. Katie Clark
SDC Preschool Ms. Clark
Ms. Sue Karuzas
ASD Preschool Ms. Karuzas

Mrs. Kristin Noriega Kindergarten
Mrs. Coreena Whiteside

Mrs. Julie Perry Kindergarten  


Mrs. Kendra Colflesh ASD Kinder-Second  
Mrs. Laura Stice ASD Third-Fifth  

Mrs. Tiffany Butler     First Mrs. Butler    
Ms. Vicki Grever
Ms. Grever
Mrs. Cammie Sahyoun First Mrs. Sahyoun

Ms. Carol Anderson Second Ms. Anderson
Mrs. Shannon Sordahl Second Mrs. Sordahl
Mrs. Barbara Springborn
Mrs. Springborn

Mrs. Terri Schreiber Third Mrs Schreiber
Mrs. Vicki Bryant
Mrs. Bryant
Mrs. Susan Taxara
Third Mrs. Taxara

Ms. Daisy Damos
Ms. Damos
Mrs. Jenny Flanagan
Mrs. Flanagan
Ms. Daniela Thompson Fourth Ms. Thompson

Mr. Dan Burbage-Macaluso

Mr. Gregg Law Fifth Mr. Law
Ms. Monica Mars
Fifth Ms. Mars

Ms. Shannon De Arkland
Resource Program
Mrs. Amy Statezny
Library Technician Library Page
Mrs. Mayela Martinez
Ms. Nina Sandhu
Speech and Language
Mrs. Leah Contaxis
Speech and Language
Mrs. Jeanne Kessler
Occupational Therapist
Mrs. Megan Curry
Science Specialist Mrs. Curry
Ms. Debra Azar
Music Specialist
Ms. Azar


Name Grade/Position Room # Hours Classroom/Teacher
Aguilar, Maria Camp Supv Campus Supv 2:40-3:10
Allen, Tami Camp/Café Supv Café/Playground 11:10-12:55
Bechler, Sharron Paraprofessional Aide 308 8:00-2:10 Stice
Buys, Courtney Paraprofessional Aide 307 8:30-2:40 Colflesh
Contreras, Connie Campus Supv Campus Supv 2:40-3:10
Culverson, Kathy Camp/Café Supv Café/Playground 11:15-12:45
Davis, Robin Kitchen Transport
Ellis, Stephanie Paraprofessional Aide 308 8:30-2:40 Stice
Goertz, Donna Paraprofessional Aide 401 7:45-1:55 Karuzas
Gomoll, Kimberly RSP Aide 203 8:00-2:10 DeArkland
Gullion, Diane LVN/Para 308 8:00-2:40 Stice
Hayes, Mary ISP 103
Henri, Taj AM Kinder Aide K1-K2 8:30-10:30 Whiteside
Henriques, Stella Night Custodian Campus 2:00 - 10:30 PM
Hoyos, Clementina Campus Supv Campus Supv 7:45-8:15
Kellar, Kim Paraprofessional Aide 402 7:45-3:15 Tues/Fri Clark
Lesh, Ariel Paraprofessional Aide 402 7:45-3:15 Tues/Fri Clark
Meijer, Catharine PM Kinder Aide K-2 12:15-1:15 Perry
Mendoza, Rita Clerk II Office 7:30-10:30
Miller, Suzanna Cashier Cafeteria
Moddelmog, Katrina Secretary Office 7:30-4:30
Moseman, Terri Paraprofessional Aide 401 8:00-2:10 Karuzas
O'toole, Katherine Health Clerk Office 9:30 - 11:00, 1:00 - 2:00
O'toole, Katherine Camp/Café Supv Café/Playground 11:10-12:55
Perkins, Mark Custodian 6:00-2:30
Porter, April Paraprofessional Aide 8:10-2:40 (not currently at FRE)
Ruiz, Rebecca Campus Supv Campus Supv 2:40-3:00
Salas, Eden Paraprofessional Aide 308 7:45-1:55 Stice
Schwartz, Rosa Kitchen Lead Cafeteria 7:00-8:30, 9:00-1:30
Smith, Cherrie Paraprofessional Aide 307 7:45-1:55 Colflesh
Statezny, Amy Library Tech Library 8:15
Ulrich, Julie Clerk II Office 10:00-4:00
  Camp/Café Supv Café/Playground 11:20-12:50
  AM Kinder Aide K-2 9:00-10:00 Noriega
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